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Community: Melfort Arts Council
November 1, 2017 to November 23, 2017
Location: Sherven-Smith Art Gallery

This exhibition is organized and toured through OSAC’s Arts on the Move program. Kent Tate and Sharon Olson approach landscape using non-traditional methods. In this exhibition, five abstract paintings accompany three television monitors. Olson’s textural, meandering paintings are developed using google map images as inspiration, while Tate’s films feature time lapse landscape (including images from Saskatchewan’s Grasslands National Park), animals and a serene soundtrack made by remixing NASA satellite recordings. This exhibition provides an atmospheric meditation on landscape. “I have always felt the need to have a quiet place near to where I live so I could just spend time sitting and day dreaming. One area for me was the Ravenscrag Formation just west of Eastend, Saskatchewan.”1 Calm, reverential and engrossing; the viewer is invited to ponder the manner in which we perceive our surroundings and become immersed within the landscapes presented by these artists. 1 Tate, Kent. Artist Statement, 2015.